5 Considerations For Getting Started with AIOps

AIOps Cosiderations

In today’s competitive environment, many organizations are struggling to accelerate their digital transformation not only to enhance employees’ productivity but also to meet customers’ expectations. Digital Transformation is largely driven by the combination of DevOps and cloud computing platforms representing a significant shift from centralized to decentralized IT sectors.

Today, AI has become the mainstream approach for software development. And to keep up with such transformation, enterprise IT operations must get involved with its complex management. The need of accelerating organizations’ productivity and incorporating AI systems into production environments has resulted in a new development called AIOps.

According to Gartner’s forecasts, the usage of AIOps tools has grown five percentages in large enterprises till 2018 and will continue to grow to 30% by the end of the year 2023.

Plus, the past few years of IT transformation has proved Gartner correct at some level. And companies that have made their investment in AIOps on an early basis definitely enjoyed its benefits in the year 2020. Furthermore, many organizations are convinced with the fact related to AIOps, that now it is more of a necessity rather than being a competitive differentiator.

The AIOps adoption in organizations have unlocked the following benefits:

  • Innovation
  • Driveaway disruptors
  • Gained the enhanced computation speed for variety and high-volume of data generating with high velocity

This article covers five considerations to get started with the AIOps platform. Before jumping to the consideration, let’s understand the term AIOps in detail.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is a form of AI (artificial intelligence) that accelerates the productivity of IT operations using advanced algorithms like big data analytics and machine learning. With such stellar capabilities, it performs the following actions/operations:

  • Collects and aggregates a volume and variety of data coming from multiple platforms, including applications, IT infrastructure components, and performance monitoring tools.
  • Identifies significant error events and patterns of existing system performance issues by intelligently signalling occurrences from the collected noisy data.
  • Identifies and reports root causes to the IT department for instant response and restoration. In some cases, it also resolves issues by itself.

AIOps is an intelligent and automated platform enabling IT operations teams to respond faster to outages and downtimes with a lot less effort.

Top-5 AIOps Considerations:
Enabling Intelligent Alert Systems:

AIOps ingests data from multiple IT environments by filtering and comparing meaningful data into events/incidents. This aggregating technique helps prevent alerts from the ripple effects known as an intelligent alert. Furthermore, it helps to prioritize them based on user and business impacts and reduces alert fatigue.

Understanding the Cross-domain Situation:

AIOps aggregates all the data, defines their relationships, and creates a detailed report to provide comprehensive information on cross-domain relationships to the IT operation teams to understand the situation in a much better way.

Automating the Root Cause Identification:

Once an alert occurs in the operation environment, AIOps presents the top suspected causes with evidence and their remediation suggestions quickly to the IT operation teams. This practice builds the trust between users and technology and provides an opportunity to enhance AI machine capabilities by taking users’ feedbacks.

Behavioural Analysis:

In the modern and highly distributed architecture where uncountable instances are running parallelly, it is nearly a cumbersome process for humans to identify the difference between the data deployed in several application versions. Hence, AIOps is in demand as it efficiently conducts analysis on the data at scale.

Automating Remediation:

In case of familiar issues, AIOps automates closed-loop remediation. Plus, AIOps suggests the best actions to accelerate remediation of identified problems based on historical data of the same.


For IT managers, it is important to identify AIOps goals, closely observe the AIOps market, and go step-by-step to process further. As AIOps is evolving rapidly, it is essential to have a system that tracks the IT operations in organizations. Leverage CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. to get a comprehensive package of AIOps to accelerate your business operations. To know more about our AIOps services, sent us your queries at sales@cloudstakes.com to get the best quote within 24-48 hours that meet your demands.

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