A Quick Start Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

From the past few years, there has been a buzz across the world about the Internet of Things, which is widely known as IoT. This field has impacted almost every sector, from manufacturing to supply chain and activities we do in our daily lives, such as from shopping to travel experiences.

You must be thinking that IoT is something related to process automation, but you also want to know:

  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • What makes IoT so important?
  • In what scenarios do IoT work?
  • How can IoT benefit businesses and customers?

Read this blog till the end, as you’ll get answers to all these questions and know more about IoT that you should know before adopting an IoT solution.

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT):

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices, such as computing machines, electronics objects, living things with a biochip transponder, automobiles with smart sensors, and many more, which are also known as things.

Here things comprise smart sensors, microchips and microcontrollers within their architecture, which can be accessed either with wired or wireless connections. IoT not only connects things but also people with those things and technology, they interact and generate new data about how things are used, at what time and condition. Further, those are connected with a database system, which is either on-premises, cloud, or hybrid-based.

Majorly Adopted IoT Solutions:

According to the statement of DataProt, there were 10 billion+ IoT devices active in 2021. And it is estimated to surpass that number by 25.4 billion active IoT devices by 2030. They also mentioned that around 83% of organizations have improved their business outcomes by adopting IoT solutions at the latest.

Current ruling IoT solutions across the world are:

  • Remote asset monitoring: Helps to monitor & control assets in processing based-on predefined standards. In some solutions, it is possible to edit the predefined standards when they touch the limit.
  • Process automation solutions: These are widely used in manufacturing sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, goods manufacturing, etc. You can use these solutions where there is a need for instant action based on situations.
  • Fleet management solutions: Here, IoT is majorly used with Blockchain technology to create a better vehicle tracking solution, smart contracts, etc.
  • Quality control & management: It is an all-in-one IoT solution made for manufacturers specifically, who can keep track of the quality of their goods/products, from in manufacturing, testing cycle, to in-transit, until they reach their end-customer.
  • Smart Microwaves: Today, you can find many microwaves that can measure time and temperature based on the food preparation type you choose. You might know this microwave feature as “Insta-cook”.
  • Fitness Devices: Nowadays, people are taking good care of their health, and to do that, they are using fitness belts, which measures heartbeats, workout details, calories burnt, steps, etc. This reading helps to decide further diet plans.

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Importance of IoT:

According to the experts, IoT helps you have control over your life and lets you work in a smart way. Along with providing automation solutions, IoT is also beneficial for businesses as it provides real-time visibility over the system’s working, the progress of the supply chain, etc. Not just that, IoT also benefits businesses to reduce labour costs and boost productivity.

IoT-enabled asset monitoring solution lets businesses have a clear view of their assets and how they use such to improve their customers’ experiences and win their trust. Even with the slow pace, IoT is becoming an integral technology part of our everyday lives.

Benefits of IoT for Businesses:

Most IoT solutions are industry-specific, but here we have listed a few benefits that are common to all industries:

  • Real-time, throughout visibility overall business processes
  • Helps to improve customer experiences
  • Saves time and financial investments
  • Helps to improve business decision-making approaches
  • Generate better revenue
  • Enables organizations to adopt new business models
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