Today, SMEs are largely investing their resources in cloud computing with the sole aim of
managing their business operations efficiently. One of the cloud computing services that has
become quite popular with small-scale business is IaaS. Infrastructure as a service or IaaS is a
kind of cloud computing model besides PaaS and SaaS which can reduce infrastructure costs
and much more. Let’s look at some more benefits of IaaS that can be of benefit to the small
business owners:
Scalable Solutions: When using IaaS for a small-scale business, one can easily upgrade or
downgrade their usage according to their business requirements. Also, IaaS providers have
robust networking technology to cater to the demands of the businesses, it can be considered
both scalable and flexible. This aspect works for a business when they are dealing with both
large scale and small-scale projects.
Cost Reduction: One of the greatest benefits of adopting IaaS is the factor of cost reduction.
IaaS for small business helps in reducing overall capital as businesses won’t have to invest in
physical infrastructure. Everything goes on to a virtual platform and also when it comes to the
aspect of maintaining steady uptime or maintenance of networking equipment, organizations
therefore not have to distress over as IaaS helps a great deal in regard to the infrastructure
costs. It can also handle a sudden hike in business demands as businesses only have to pay for
the resources that they are using. They are not bound to any monthly or yearly charges and
hence, can invest their money where needed.
Time-to-market: As the market is ever-evolving its necessary for businesses to keep up with the
pace in order to be successful in their respective fields. And as IaaS is highly flexible and
scalable, the time-to-market automatically decreases, thereby giving you leverage over your
Disaster Recovery: There is always an underlying threat of data loss when we use a virtual
platform. However, when it comes to using IaaS architecture, one can be sure of quick and
secure disaster recovery. With IaaS, businesses can keep using the same infrastructure as
before without having to worry about any alterations in the services that they were using
Resource Utilization: There are instances when one is forced to make big investments in
equipment installation and management. And this makes them lose their focus on other
important aspects of their business. However, as IaaS is a service-based model, organizations
can invest their time as well as capital on aspects that will actually escalate their business
Hence, these were some benefits of adopting IaaS architecture for small businesses. Some IaaS
for small business in the market are: Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace

Open Cloud Service, Google Compute Engine, HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure, IBM
Smart Cloud Enterprise, Green Cloud Technologies, Cloud Stack and Linode. Any small business
owner can integrate this computing model if they wish to lay a successful foundation for their
business’s bright future.

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