Best Cloud for SAP Implementation

AWS, Azure, or Google

Mainstream support for SAP ERP on traditional databases and SAP Business Suite on HANA is about to expire by 2025. Companies have started looking for reliable options to transfer the data, and cloud IT solutions emerge as a promising option.

SAP stands for System Analysis Program. It is a business intelligence software that intends to centralize the data management of an organization. It enables business houses to save time, money, and resources.

Like many businesses, you also might be deciding to rely on cloud IT solutions to manage SAP activities. But there come some challenges along with this decision. From where to start? How to set goals? Should I go for the private or public cloud? How to ensure successful SAP implementation on the cloud?

So, here we go. These are the top 3 points to consider while making a transition to the cloud:

Resonate Your SAP Implementation Strategy with Your Business Strategy
  • Your SAP implementation strategy must align with the organizational, operational, and financial aspects of your business. Recognize the disruptions that might happen and define goals accordingly. The process may require altering economic models, accessing new technologies, scaling to advanced infrastructure, and so on.
Choosing Between Public and Private/Managed Cloud Providers

Two options come up before you when deciding the type of cloud service, you want. These are-

  • Public In this model, the managerial options are not in control of the user. Rather, all the administration and maintenance are done by the provider. Your data will be stored in the central data storage of the cloud provider.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Program (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are the most prominent Cloud providers globally.
  • Private – this model confers you more control over the public one. All the Cloud components will be exclusively available to you. Here, the administration and maintenance of data is completely the user’s responsibility. You can either have physical on-location data centers or third-party vendors. The Cloud activities occur privately via dedicated hardware/software devices belonging to your organization.

SAP HEC is the most trusted platform for private and managed cloud services.

Assess the Attributes of Each Cloud Provider
  • When you are familiar with the attributes the various cloud providers offer, it helps you to decide better.
  • There is not much difference between the services offered by AWS, GCP, and Azure. The final decision, however, is governed by the specific needs and set-up of an organization.

Here are the summarized benefits the top three cloud providers offer you.


Key Attributes of Microsoft Azure
  • High agility and innovation
  • Less expensive
  • Less complicated
  • Strong security
  • Great performance
  • Supports both SAP S/4 HANA and Business Suite
  • Preferred public cloud partner by SAP


Key Attributes of Google Cloud Program
  • Intelligent analytics and integration
  • Scalable
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Compatible with SAP S/4 HANA and Business Suite
  • Good security
  • Good performance
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