Cloud Computing Solutions Simplify Supply Chain Management


Every business aims to reach out to its target customers and provide them with a great user experience. Irrespective of the business products’ quality type, if they can’t ship the products to their customers as promised, it will question their brand reputation. This shipping procedure addresses the supply chain management process.

A supply chain consists of many factors, including system, human and material resources, financial department, and information of customers related to products and services. For organizations, planning, proper management, communication, coordination, and other activities, are necessary to establish a secure supply chain network successfully. In all these activities, communication and coordination are the necessary ones that must be executed perfectly for better supply chain outcomes.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the global retail industry faced radical distortion in its supply chains. According to the study of IHL, they had dispatched around USD 1.14 trillion worth of items. The distortion range was around USD 580 million at the store level, USD 512 million in the supply chain, and USD 677 million for the producers. This distortion occurred due to dependency issues.
However considering the supply chain as a core part of the retail business, you may find many IT supply chain solutions to improve its efficiency.

However, there is the one most promising option called cloud computing platform. It is on the verge of advancements in context to applications, such as supply chain management.

Cloud Computing in Supply Chain:

Firstly being competitive and achieving competitive advantages is the aim of every business leader. Secondly, the latest technologies help them gain competitive benefits at reduced processing costs.
After the invention of cloud computing, its SaaS models brought improvement in their supply chain management. Thirdly the advantage of SaaS in the supply chain is that it has always been the best fit for collaborative platforms.

Earlier, cloud computing solution as a SaaS model was just another choice for the supply chain, but now, it seems to have noticed a dramatic rise in the upcoming time. In the recent study by PAT RESEARCH, this SaaS model market for the supply chain is marked to rise by 24%, with a 19% CAGR in the nearest future.

How Does Cloud Computing Benefit Supply Chain Management?

Both intelligence and automation are provided to the supply chain by cloud computing. Lets take a look at advantages listed below-

1. Intelligence and Automation:

These benefits transform the operation of the supply chain to an absolute level. Cloud computing solution provides real-time insights at each stage of the supply chain that harnesses new opportunities for eliminating potential risks in their early phase. Its automation procedure keeps the predictive analytics running. Since all bugs have been resolved and orders have been supplied priority-wise.

2. Real-Time Monitoring:

Nowadays, multiple service requests appear in the system at a single point in time, and sometimes they exceed the limit, which can cause an overload. Thanks to cloud computing, it is possible to monitor and manage all ongoing shipping-related processes in the system. This way, companies can make quick decisions regarding the improvement of real-time supply chain procedures and take the possible advantages, such as time and cost-efficiency.

3. Better Scalability:

With cloud computing, it becomes easy to scale supply chain operations in every condition of growth, whether it is about staff expansion or customer base. It efficiently scales the performance without even costing much.

4. Speed:

Speed is imperative for all business processes, including production, quality testing. Even in the supply chain, which cloud computing delivers efficiently. Moreover the predictive analytics and automated train systems to take proactive decisions towards each process update, and that way, it increases the speed of the supply chain.

5. Cost Efficiency:

Enhanced productivity and management process provided by computing directly results in the cost efficiency of the whole supply chain system. It removes potential bottlenecks, shipping delays, and other issues. It keeps all processes underworking and saves the cost consumed by such issues. The best thing about cloud computing is that it does not secure any physical space for servers. It only requires a subscription to continue the process of the supply chain efficiently.

Adopt SaaS-Cloud Model for Your Supply Chain Management:

In conclusion implementing cloud computing in the supply chain model is really good, but organizations need to be extra careful during utilization. Plus, all containers of the SaaS cloud solution must be checked completely and well-strategized to ensure successful deployment. You will get a smooth digitalization transition if the supply chain’s aspects are appropriate. As a result it provides all benefits to the customers that we have addressed earlier.

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The efficiency of the supply chain plays an important role in making a business successful.

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