How to Find Out Overengineered Enterprise Cloud Solutions?


Different repercussions can happen with cloud-native applications, like application crashes or anything else. Sometimes overpowered or feature overloaded applications may divert themselves from their core purpose and make things more complex. This feature overloading process is known as overengineering, which makes the building process more complicated than it is supposed to be and ultimately increases development time and cost. The same thing goes for CloudOps development, and the production & utilization will go higher (double up) after deployment. Eventually, this whole production will result in unnecessary complexity, inefficiency, and failure in the worst case.

So, let’s go through some fundamental indicators of overengineered cloud solutions:

Weak Centralized Control:

Many enterprises run cloud operations without proper centralized planning, which may cause trouble for them in a disastrous situation. The pandemic made all businesses adopt cloud platforms and services without appropriate execution plans and strategies.

While running cloud operation and security standards, developers have too many configuration choices. You need a strategy to avoid making mistakes. This scenario suggests a lack of centralized cloud planning and cloud governance can make teams operate in vast landscapes, which could be done through a narrow approach.

For instance, a team needs a specific cloud configuration to run certain operations, and for that, they’ve integrated a public cloud into the multi-cloud platform. And the team adds another shadow without doing any cost, complexity, and management calculations, leading them to extreme operational and financial consequences.

There are possibilities where one cloud project contains multiple subprojects that are different from each other. And obviously, these independent projects have different solutions, approaches, and technological stacks. Suppose there is no proper governance and coordination between development teams. In that case, organizations can hardly think of a miracle in the sense of resilient meta-architecture for a particular cloud project.

Lack of Data Integrity:

In an ideal situation: Shifting the cloud platform to another location or position can bombard us with the power to transfer data into the database and distribute data in entities like classes A, B, and C.

A glance at reality: If there is no centralized governance in the team, they will produce too many solution variations for just cloud migration without even getting a single point of assurance about the success.

The cloud computing team at CloudStakes selects multiple database options with decoupled features than necessary, which means a multitude of silos. If we see team members’ selections individually, we’ll find their ideal and made with good intentions. However, these differences result in increased complexity, cost, and risk.

Higher Cloud Solution Cost Margins:

Expert cloud engineers know the importance of cloud architecture as its optimization should not be higher than the previous state. Plus, many enterprises spend more on cloud solutions than they should start from. Although perfect factoring, planning to reap more advantages is necessary.

Many enterprises can bear to increase their cloud financial spending to 10-15% than its previous state. However, many enterprises spend more than 30-50% of utilization costs with not-so-impressive business benefits to justify their cloud spending.


Cloud architecture development can be done in many ways. But close attention to centralized performance efficiency and cost-effectiveness is the key to the success of cloud engineers. The overengineering of enterprise cloud solutions increase costs if there isn’t any rectifying ROI. Well, overengineering can be valuable if a certain amount of it takes place in cloud architecture.

Such calculations and engineering tasks require expertise, and CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in cloud calibration and other solution development and optimizations. So, contact us today to get the best cloud solution in India.

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