Microsoft Azure: The Future-Ready Cloud Platform


After the COVID-19 outbreak, enterprises worldwide are realizing the importance of cloud computing solutions in the way they bring success. Cloud computing platforms redefine business approaches by providing them with secure and scalable cloud-based applications.

Moreover on the topic of cloud computing platforms, according to the survey of O-Reilly at the global level, around 48% of leading companies are using Microsoft Azure as a part of their enterprise IT infrastructure. (The second-quarter survey of the year 2021).

So, let’s know the reasons why near-to-half numbers of organizations globally are using Azure cloud services.

What is the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a platform that encompasses various cloud computing services. Enterprises can use to build and deploy secure, future-ready cloud solutions/applications quickly. They are easy to manage even with the complexities. Furthermore enterprises can perform all cloud-related activities with ease using a range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, virtual devices, and databases that Azure supports. This way, enterprises can use the tools and technologies they are comfortable with and trust the most.

What Do Mean By Azure Enabling Intelligent Cloud Experience?

You can refer to an intelligent cloud as ubiquitous computing. It is created by integrating the public cloud (i.e., Azure) with artificial intelligence (AI). Further, you can use this intelligence cloud for all your intelligent applications.

Firstly You have to combine the immersive computing power of the cloud (Azure) with intelligence and connected devices at the network edge. Secondly you can create a framework that can help you build robust, intelligent cloud-based business solutions. Thirdly Expand this network of cloud and connected devices and create intelligent edge computing with the help of the Azure cloud platform.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt Azure Cloud Services:

The below-mentioned reasons or enablement by Azure cloud makes it a cloud platform with edge capabilities.

Maintains App Platform Consistency Across Cloud and Edge:

Azure cloud services ensure the consistency of its programming models, data operations, AI, and DevOps, making cloud/edge application development and management (on-going) simplified and efficient. As a result it also enables you to build event-based cloud applications using Azure functions supported by Azure IoT edge, which run on Azure, Azure Stack, or any device.

Robust Security:

You can implement security across the application in the Azure Cloud Platform. You can do this by signing up for Azure Security Centre. Acquire better security management and threat protection. Cloud and edge environments often face different types of security risks, so for that concern, Azure provides advanced protections, such as Azure Sphere, providing next-level security for multi-cloud-based edge devices.

Single Identity Management:

This management ensures the security of applications stored across the cloud platform. This is provided by Azure Active Directory, which takes care of unified identity management and conditional access to the cloud. However, this identity management helps prevent unauthorized access to applications and data stored across the cloud and edge.

Better Cloud and Edge Management:

As cloud-based applications are deployed across different edge devices, you have to ensure the management of devices and code. Azure has various management tools for multiple purposes, such as monitoring, updating applications & services, taking backups, and disaster recovery that secures cloud resources’ space in Azure. Applications and devices are used at the edge.

Artificial Intelligence:

Azure lets you combine data (contextual insights) from the edge environments to the cloud to develop effective ML models to deliver better results. Further, these ML models are sent to other Azure testing tools or settings to check their effectiveness. After testing effectively, you can run it across many Azure-supported devices. You can do it with the help of Azure IoT Edge.

One-Stop Solution for every need:

The edge diversity of Azure will only grow over time as it provides an intelligent, secure, and effective suite of cloud services and edge devices. However Microsoft Azure is a platform that gives businesses motivation and support to thrive in their companies. It helps them by offering many intelligent cloud services and edge devices.

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