Power BI: That’s What Your Modern Business Need

Power BI

In the past few years, businesses have faced a sudden digital transformation need, which has also resulted in an increased data generation rate. At that time, a business having such data sources and powerful data analytics tools, like business intelligence (Power BI), could succeed in the market competition by making actionable, data-driven decisions.

The business intelligence approach harnesses the information about business strategic operations, efficiency, customers, competitors, and much more, to make a business proactive. Here, the BI software or approach accepts data in all formats, processes them, and results in the data, which helps to generate leads for businesses.

You may find many BI tools and software in the market, but Power BI, A Microsoft business intelligent tool, offers some unique features and functions that every business should know.

Power BI Benefits for Businesses:
User-Friendly Interface:

A Power BI tool has a very elegant and simple to use interface that any naïve user can understand, just by looking at the home page, like how he/she should proceed. This user-friendly interface enables businesses to access powerful functions of Power BI without any excessive knowledge. Also, its dashboard visualization helps you have a quick glance at real-time data updates and use them to unlock more opportunities.

Accuracy in Business Decision-Making:

Power BI gathers data in real-time from multiple sources and represents them in a single format accurately. This visual representation of data insights helps businesses to quickly know their current progress domain wise. With this, businesses can figure out strategies that deliver better results and ways to improve low performing approaches.

Access Portability:

Power BI software is available in web, on-premises, and mobile application types, and all connected to single cloud storage. So, you can check your data reports from any device, anywhere (where internet connectivity is available), and anytime flexibly.

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In Power BI, you only need to connect data sources at once, and after that, you will get data updates in real-time. Here, you don’t need to design a dashboard to represent data – all you need to do is to select and apply the dashboard visualization, meeting your expectations. From any Power BI app (web or mobile), you can easily share your data insight reports with your colleagues. The template process goes for reports as we have done in dashboard visualization – select, apply, check and share.

Better Data Security:

When it comes to managing sensitive company information in bulk, ensuring data security should be the priority. Businesses using Power BI can be at ease because it is secured with Microsoft’s standard end-to-end double encryption. If the Power BI app is configured with Microsoft Cloud App Security Portal, you’ll be notified of every suspicious activity. Because of the compatibility of Power BI with government and industry-level data compliance, all businesses should have it.

Easy Integration:

You can integrate the Power BI platform with other Microsoft solutions, like Azure, Excel, and Dynamics 365, for better results. Not just that, you can also integrate Power BI with IT solutions, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, DropBox, etc. Because of this flexibility, Power BI can be titled the most versatile BI tool. It helps businesses make better decisions by providing precise and actionable data insights.

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When analysing business-critical information for lead generation, it is highly recommended to take the help of Power BI. It gives precise data analytics and represents data insights in creative and interactive dashboards and reports in a quick manner. Power BI is compatible to run on desktops and mobile devices, so say goodbye to your traditional analytics approaches.

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