Role of Cloud-Based AI In Mobile Application Development

Cloud Based AI Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming mobile apps by amplifying user experience and helping businesses to grow. It’s a technology that bridges maturity channel gaps and helps organizations or start-ups to boost product delivery and profits.

As the cellular wireless network is continuously upgrading, it is necessary to match up with the network speed. However, to achieve that, mobile applications have to become smarter.

Plus, the latest upgrade of cellular wireless network 5G comes with the innovative combination of organization’s layers like Open RAN, Cloud-edge processing, etc.

As per the market research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipset done by ABI Research; by the year 2025, the edge AI chipset market revenue will reach around the US $12.2 billion, and the improvement of the cloud AI chipset market will rise to the US $11.9 billion.

The ABI Research expects that the Edge AI chipset market will recover in 2022 because of the connectivity upgrades like 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and continuous trails and deployment of autonomous applications.

Such upgrade comes with new use cases and for that organizations have to adopt new development platform to achieve a knowledgeable environment.

What is AI Cloud Computing?

Organizations need a smart way to achieve network requirements to move with network upgrades. That’s where the concept of AI cloud computing comes into the picture, which comprises cloud computing with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. AI/ML enables organizations to perform complex organizational operations smoothly.

Currently, AI Cloud Computing or Cloud-based AI is used by popular platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Google, and providing a smooth performance experience to their users.

How Cloud-Based AI is helping in AI adoption?

As per the survey of Deloitte, AI is being used for implementations, by more than 1900 cognitive-aware executives. Also, those companies are called to be “early adopters”, even if their systems are not that much AI-powered compared to leading companies like AWS and Google. Around 38% of surveying companies stated the same challenges, like quality data accessing, data cleaning, and AI system training of being obstacles in AI adoption and integration.

When Deloitte asked those early adopters about the skill gap during AI adoption, the 40% answer was moderate and 27% of companies found a major skill gap in context to AI researcher, software developer, and data scientists’ profiles.

Cloud-based applications are getting the maximum benefits from AI integrations. Believe it or not, early AI adopters are in benefit even if they are facing a lot of technical problems. And, after seeing such positive results many companies are planning for AI adoption.

Cloud-Based AI is The Key Aspect in The Application Development World:

The organizational development pattern is also changing with the growing cloud-based AI development. AI/ML is reforming the business models. Before AI/ML era, development industries used to make products and sell them on demand without even proper planning. But using AI/ML in the development process, organizations are selling products with improved abilities and proper flow management.

SaaS providers are using AI tools to handle large workloads and enable users to access greater functionalities of the software. However, in today’s situation, proper execution and service planning are also essential with the financial benefits.

Integrating AI with the cloud-based application will be able to add intelligent features like:

  • Suggest services as per user behaviour study
  • Make decisions for the users
  • Provide live and auto chats and auto email replies
  • Task automation
  • User tone prediction

Cloud-based AI is an asset in making organizations advanced and enabling them to deliver more value in this digitalizing era.


Enhanced cloud-based AI applications with a huge amount of data and open API provide a capacity for efficient development. This new technological era should start with API-driven network application development. If you haven’t adopted AI for your organization, then consider this is a high time to move forward with technology trends and get the maximum benefit from its proposed features and services. CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers cloud services and AI/ML services with an experienced and dedicated team of developers.

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