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Artificial Intelligence 

Organizations are automating their business processes and getting smarter as technology advances. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the prominent aspect of making business applications work faster and smarter by leveraging the power of automation and helping them to get a better future.   

AI learns from the behaviors of users’ data, extracts insights, makes a decision, leverages personalized surfing, and drives better business outcomes.   

According to the AI market research done by Grandview Research, back in 2019, it was around $39.9 billion and is projected to rise at a CAGR of 42.2% by the year 2027.  As more companies invest in Artificial Intelligence the more competition will get intense, and the new adopters need to approach smarter and complex procedures to get on the list.   

Everyone wants to be in the front row of the competition. And the first step for that is to hire the best Artificial Intelligence service providerAs you’re at CloudStakes Technology Pvt Ltd, your search for the top AI service providing company iIndia ends here.   

We at CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. strive to provide the best out of the best Artificial Intelligence Solutions to our clients. At first, we study the client’s requirements, their queries and then with a deep discussion with the client we come up with an efficient & effective AI solution that not just improve the customers’ experience but also optimizes their overall business performance.   

Here, is the Artificial Intelligence Solutions that we offer: 

Cloud-Based AI Solutions: 

Enhancing cloud services performance by integrating with AI-powered automation algorithms. We provide cloud-based AI solutions for cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle.   

Our offerings for AWS Cloud AI solutions are:   

  • Amazon Comprehend 
  • Amazon Rekognition 
  • Amazon Lex  
  • Amazon Personalize 

Our AI solutions for Google Cloud Platform: 

  • AI Hub 
  • AI Platform 
  • AI Building Blocks 

Our offerings for Microsoft AI solutions are: 

  • Azure Cognitive Services 
  • AI Platform 
  • EnterpriseGrade Security 
  • Edge Application Development 

Want to develop a customized AI solution for your cloud platform apart from this list? Get a comprehensive AI consultation for your cloud platform 

Vision Analytics Solutions: 

A smart computer vision-related graphical analytics solution for quick classification based on text and images to improve business efficiency. This offering of ours enables businesses to perform real-time graphical analysis to get quick computer vision solutions.   

This solution comprises image analytics, text analytics, video analytics, facial recognition and detection services. Be the smartest business in this smart world by leveraging CloudStakes Technology to provide the best computer vision analytics solutions.   

Robotic Process Automation: 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a combination of NLP and AI processing that enhances business operational flexibility and reduces data quality and security risks. We offer RPA solutions such as routine task automation and streamlining complex business processes that improve business productivity and efficiency.   

Our RPsolutions also include RPA assessments, cognitive insights, intelligent automation, automation strategy architecting, etc.  

In this progressing IT field, you have to be smart as turtle and fast as rabbit and by implementing RPA systems in your IT infrastructure make it possible for you whether you are an early starter or a fresh starter.  

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