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SSL integration

A business website without SSL integration can lead to the attention of attackers over your sensitive session data and security measures related obligations. In order to avoid such threats, SSL integration is the most viable option because the trust of stakeholders and customers is essential in this modern world.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a transport layer protocol of the OSI model that ensures secure and encrypted channels between servers and clients. It encrypts all fragile information such as login credentials, payment details, any other confidential data sent across the network. Websites that are secured with SSL integration are labeled as HTTPS in their URL.

The global security report says every day 4 million data breach activities are taking place and causes integrity and credibility issues to victim companies. Today, complete privacy and protection are what customer demands because their trust on your brand depends on the level of privacy that you provide through the website experience.

We at CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. determine all aspects of SSL integration to provide you smooth implementation and accessibility over websites security measures regardless of losing product integrity. We provide an unprecedented level of security and IT support to our clients and are always ready to solve protection related issues and get them the best possible user experience.

After all, trust is the most valuable factor behind the success of any brand – so, let’s build it together!

Extended Validation

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

These green standard SSL certificates not only protects website logs and sensitive user information from attackers but also boost your integrity and credibility standards.

Organization Validated

Organization Validated (OV) Certificates

OV certificates provide a 256-bit encryption policy to your business websites and ensure the legitimacy of your organization. Also, all these implementations and approval activity takes around a couple of days to set you with OV certification completely.

Domain Validated (DV)

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

Secure your website with an affordable industry-standard 256-bit encryption method and a file-based authentication approach to the server where your website domain is hosted on.

Multi-Domain SSL_TLS

Multi-Domain SSL/TLS Certificates

This integration secures public ID & IP addresses, confidential host information, and other SANs (Subject Alternative Names) with a cost-effective and single-shot solution that meets your security standards.

Wildcard SSL_TLS Certificates

Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificates

It is the best option when you have a single website with various subdomains because one Wildcard SSL certificate is sufficient to secure all of them.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

This certificate fulfills the limitation of Wildcard SSL and scales the security ability up to 250 sub-domains, and provides world-class domain security by saving a lot of time and money.


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