The Importance of Data Center Monitoring Solutions

cloud data center monitoring solution

After the revolution in the IT industry, many new startups and years-old companies are joining the successful giant organizations in the data centre management business. Every industry, including healthcare, financial, educational, and many others, are trying to take their networks to the edge. These industries are operating fundamental size data centres (small or medium) that range closest to the on-premises network technologies, including email servers and containerized data centres, which improves their productivity and web traffic and provide sufficient computing power.

In order to get an idea about choosing the data centre size, let’s assume that a small data centre can house the network around 50-300 racks, and a medium-sized is capable of covering around 300-1000 racks. Indeed, those organizations have heavy digital workloads. Therefore, they will need more computational logic, power, and temperature stabilizing tools. Also, there is no certain data centre size that fits this market.

In 2019, Vertiv surveyed that data centre professionals are expecting to grow their site computation power to 226% by 2025. After 2019, the growth of data centres and computations have been increasing even more rapidly.

For instance, hospitals have excessive service demands for all times, as they are using data in their routine operations; Manufacturing industries have invented real-time analytics-based health and safety equipment; financial industries are figuring out their way to handle multiple trading demands; and last but not the least, after the pandemic, more universities are introducing their distant learning programs. Even many organizations are improving their data processing capabilities on a real-time basis to keep up with continuously growing demands.

You must be wondering about the reason behind all this computation power and powering up data centres’ capabilities. If you are a data centre manager, you must need tools to analyze its processing power, thermal management, and other solutions. Configuring and expanding existing data centres may be done through this multi-vendor approach and integrating with before mentioned tools to secure valuable compute resources by implementing security measures.

Leading an entire data analytics team requires more determination and is a very frustrating task. Hence, you need a helpful solution, such as a data centre monitoring solution that your team can manage remotely on multiple sites.

How Monitoring Solution Helps Businesses to Manage Their Data Center Performance?
Remote Collaborations:

A data monitoring solution allows users to login into the system and monitor their data centre tools with remote access. It will provide insights on ongoing data operations and enable them to maintain them with just a single glass pane.

Integrates All Equipment:

Regardless of the manufacturer, the equipment selection always comes under the responsibility of the data centre manager. Monitoring solutions help employees avoid their time-consuming monotonous work, such as analyzing computation devices’ health, gathering data, and designing analytical reports by automating them to get the real-time analytical report through a single click.

Scales Data Center’s Ability:

Data centre monitoring solutions make it easy to generate new sites, add new computational devices, achieve visibility, and implement insightful dashboards with targeted observations, which might help organizations take further steps. This solution can enable organizations to get visibility from their network suites, containerized data centres to the individual facilities.

Provides Real-Time Alerts:

In today’s rapidly growing world, quick and instant action is the only solution to be competitive. Whenever a monitoring solution identifies unfamiliar changes, it directly notifies the administrators whether to move forward or not. These changes can be performance issues, outages, or anything else. It has a feature to automate the alert paths for unresolved alerts that ensures that the identified alerts have been resolved before they can create further issues.

Enhances Operations:

By integrating external analytics tools with data centre monitoring solutions, organizations can know the energy consumptions by area and optimize them to reduce extra spending. This collaboration also finds critical spots that need instant attention and should be optimized before they degrade data centres’ performance.

Meets Essential Service-Level Agreements:

Every organization running data-driven and customer-centric business applications would know that there should not be any latency or outage issues. A monitoring solution makes it easy to graphically represent data and create reports to analyze issues and current trends.


If you’re planning to install the latest data centre equipment or configure any size of data centres, rather than waiting for issues to come up, try to immune your system from such problems before you achieve visibility over your data processing system. Being a leading IT solution providing company in India, CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. helps organizations develop, deploy, and configure data centre monitoring solutions and cloud solutions that meet their digital business requirements. Book your free 60 mins of cloud consultation with our cloud experts today!

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