Tips to Optimize ROI, Productivity, and Transparency with SecOps

3 Best Tips to Optimize ROI, Productivity, and Transparency with SecOps

With everything becoming digital, incidents of cyber threats are continuously rising every coming day. In such a scenario, business owners often panic about the security of their business structure. A promising solution that safeguards the system against all kinds of online threats is the need of the hour for every business today.

The solution you are desperately seeking is SecOps. In the era of increasing cyber-crimes, SecOps emerges out as a powerful rescuer for you.

SecOps stands for Security Operations and it integrates technology and processes that lead to impenetrable systems and secured data. It is your combined solution to minimize risk and improve performance.

Creating a secure atmosphere for developing applications, communication among the team members, and sharing of resources becomes a matter of minutes with SecOps. Further, boosting cloud storage, performance, and resource utilization are the perks SecOps offers you.

Besides strengthening the security, you can also optimize ROI, productivity, and transparency of your organizational setup as well. You can reap numerous benefits together with SecOps – enhanced security with accelerated revenue, growth, and better transparency.

Here is a small list of what you need to know, adopt, and implement for achieving desired targets.

1. Strong Intrinsic Collaboration

While using the cloud, there always exists a probability for things going wrong during application development. Your team members get deviated at times and confusion may occur. Strong internal coordination within all the members magnifies productivity as well as security. The major functional domains of SecOps include-

  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Digital Forensic
  • Incident Response Threat Intelligence

After appropriate training, SecOps will be successful in maintaining a smooth workflow across your organization.

2. Security Operations Centres

Cybersecurity is on the priority list of modern-day businesses. SecOps forms a bridge between the security of organizations and their operations that take place via technological modes. Security Operation Centres (SOCs) and other security tools function towards the protection of network and data. As the extent of cyber-attacks is growing, a more precise strategy is required to neutralize the gimmicks hackers use. Therefore, SecOps has a long way to go.

3. Tools and Tactics

Pragmatic tools like SaltStack, Puppet, Ansible help to develop and streamline test systems. One can manage processes and make modifications to the system. To automate security, you can leverage tools like PagerDuty, OSQuery, or AWS Cloud Trail. Docker and Aqua help in software delivery automation and deploying unique features.

Factors That Keep Holding You Back from Achieving Maximum Output

Even after the proper implementation of the above points, optimization of ROI, productivity, and transparency is still not a guarantee. Certain factors may deter you from achieving your goals. Such are-

  1. Unclear objectives, clustering of goals, lack of priorities, failure to manage resources are some common issues that arise. A well-thought strategy is a must before the integration of SecOps into the system.
  2. Financial efficacy is another important attribute that determines success. Failure to do so destroys the purpose. You should seek methods that do not only resonate with your budget but are also easy to incorporate.
  3. Endpoint security is a crucial factor too. Voids and susceptibilities concerning endpoint security can be very risky. The growing popularity of Cloud-Native, IoT, and BYOD models are a result of companies opting for top-grade security practices.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of cybercrimes and cybersecurity go hand in hand with each other. If you still haven’t adopted a security-first approach, then join the smart league today and shake hands with SecOps to restrain all your security-related hassles. Get started with our SecOps consulting services that come with affordable rates, secured measures, and reliable solutions. Eliminate the probability of occurrence of cyber threats in your business framework with ease. Plus, accomplish the ideal metrics with regards to ROI, productivity, and transparency.

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