Top-5 Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT services

Managed IT service and IT infrastructure

Technology advancement is improving the quality of businesses’ IT infrastructure and significantly impacting their efficiency and profitability. In order to achieve that, enterprises are looking for a way to keep pace with future-ready technologies for streamlining their IT operations.

Nowadays, companies are outsourcing their IT operations to Managed IT Service Providers in order to bring long-term operational benefits to their infrastructural performance. Managed IT service is a package of industry knowledge, expertise, and dedication for the IT department. By using this, businesses can focus more on their core activities, scale resources as per requirements at a reduced cost, and also manage time-consuming and complex projects, like cloud computing, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, etc.

The Managed IT services provided by a third party can be incredibly valuable if the provider puts dedicated efforts to understand and accomplish organizations’ business goals.

Benefits of Having Managed IT Services:

Outsourcing your Managed IT services comes with a lot of benefits but here we have listed top-5 which is not exactly a comprehensive list but an important one.


Most SMBs are proactively managing their IT infrastructure and may lack the budget and resources throughout the process. Hiring an expert managed IT service provider for your business can become an asset in cost savings. Also, many managed IT service providers offer various subscription-based models or packages so that companies can foresee their IT budget of operational costs consistently and can take steps further accordingly.

Helps to Concentrate More on Core Business Activities:

In Some businesses, employees are focusing more on critical revenue-generating tasks as compared to IT-related tasks. Such imbalance in tasks may generate downtime in employees’ productivity, that’s why the core IT responsibilities should be assigned to employees and managed IT services to the third-party providers.

IT management service providers eliminate routine task maintenance and enable employees to focus more on core business processes that can elevate business growth.

Offers Improved Security and Compliance:

As the data generation rate is increasing rapidly, managing sensitive customer data, compliance and regulation are becoming a major concern for enterprises. Mostly managed IT services provided by the third-party providers are robust and secure but if there is any uncertain breach that occurs then they also limit the damage by taking some immediate actions.

Also, following the compliance and regulations for businesses is a tough job but with the help of managed IT solution providers, they can face such challenges and implement the additional protocols as per requirements.


As the business expands so the resources, and to manage such amount of data it requires advanced IT solutions. However, meeting the demand for such scaling can be a difficult task especially when it comes to rapidly growing organizations.

Having a robust IT department or managed services provider with such a firm can be a great support in achieving the scaling demands. Managed IT services help companies to stay productive even in high demand and fluctuating scenarios.

Reduced Risks:

The traditional break-fix maintenance approach is costly because of the higher probability of outage and productivity loss. On the other hand, managed IT services are incorporated with regular maintenance programs which follow a streamlined procedure for detecting potential, threats, and vulnerabilities so that it can take early actions towards the critical failures.

Furthermore, some managed service providers also offer data backup and data recovery services using various cloud computing platforms to make businesses’ IT infrastructure reliable and efficient.


In this technologically transforming world, the importance of managed IT services will continue to increase for the growing businesses. CloudStakes Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Managed IT service providing firms in India that has managed many businesses back-end IT operations proactively so clients can focus on their important business processes and improve their competitive market position.

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