Why Cybersecurity is a necessity in the Banking Sector?


Cyber threat intelligence services are the need of the hour. With the advent of digitalization, every organization is present on the web. From ordering food to booking flights, from e-schooling to remote working, and from marketing to shopping, everything is happening in an online space.

While the internet has made lives easier, it has also given rise to cyber threats at the same time. This leaves everyone, especially businesses, stressed.

A cyber threat or intrusion is a type of virtual attack that takes place on a system or a network with the sole intention of exploiting and manipulating the valuable information without the consent of the user.

Cyber threat intelligence services neutralize threats that are in the form of malicious code or malware tools that corrupt the functioning of the network. The aim is to abolish ill outcomes that work towards infiltrating the financial information, security details, altering identity, fixing backdoors, and changing healthcare records.

Cyber Security and Banking Sector

In accordance with the rules framed under the information and technology act of 2013, it is evident that most cyberattacks take place in the banking sector. The banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI) after analyzing all the cybersecurity providers in India also confirmed the statement divulging that the banking sector is more prone to cyber threats and malware issues.

Since the banking sector is the only platform where a lot of money is being handled daily the cyber attackers find it as an easy method to get more ransom than any other industrial sector.

Additionally, billions of people have banking accounts and millions of transactions happen every day. The cyber attackers have multiple domains from where they can extract information and carry out fraud activities and theft.

As the IoT is picking up its phase, the cyber-attacks are getting frequent. Most of the attackers and hackers use advanced technology to infiltrate the system or network. Botnets that are based on the cloud are frequently used.

They tend to destroy all the near field communications and hack using multifactor authentication domains. Sometimes the DD0oS attacks are launched through the cloud. Identity duplication is also another cyber threat faced by the banking sector.

Major threats

Improper encryption has been the most vital reason for the data being stolen online. Using high frame technology without proper security might also lead you into trouble. The CCTV and the other protection services can be turned against without proper security protocol. Another important reason is unprotected third-party access and unsecured mobile banking. So proper encryption is a must.

The evolving cybercrimes also make it very difficult for the security team to analyze the kind of attacks. Many anti-money laundering (AML) systems also show fake positive cases. Ignoring the possibility of a breach can also lead the hackers venturing into your system. Vulnerable customer accounts and unknown adversaries are some of the other reasons for the threats to take place.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Many of the banking servers have updated to the recent versions of cyber threat intelligence services to detect and block the malware if found any. The process of scenario testing and carrying out structure-based exercises are another major way used by the financial sectors to keep the hackers away.

Cyber threats are frightening but you can put fears at rest as there are some eminent cybersecurity service providers in India at your rescue and CloudStakes is the trusted name among them. We help you thrive in the era of the digital revolution by delivering high-grade cybersecurity services.

Along with securing the perimeters, giving more attention to the security of internal layers can also help to secure the system from cyber-attacks. Collaborating with cybersecurity providers who offer adept cybersecurity services can be the best option. They are experts in the cybersecurity domain who know the loops through with cyber threats take place and keep them away to safeguard the system.

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