• How can I know if cloud solutions are the need of my business? There are ample benefits of adopting cloud infrastructure for your benefits. Cloud solutions bring flexibility, scalability, and reduces other investments.There are certain questions you must ask yourself before making a final decision. Are your current solutions meeting your business needs accurately? Does your team require remote access? Are your IT strategies cost burdening you up? If the answers resonate with the need to turn on to cloud solutions, then it would be indeed the right decision.
  • How to figure out the right kind of cloud model for my organization? There are three cloud models that businesses presently use;Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – these are for the businesses who can preferably host all their data on third-party cloud hosting providers like AWS, Azure, etc. as well as entire data is managed and monitored by the host cloud.Platform as a service (PaaS) – if a business simply wants to drop a code of their applications on a platform that has all the backend infrastructure and functions ready. Google app engine and Heroku are examples of this category. Only the front end is designed by the company and their application is ready.Software as a service (SaaS) – a cloud model where services are provided via software on a monthly or yearly subscription. This software is equipped with CRM, business management, tools, and security. Office 365, Netsuite, and Salesforce are the software that facilitates cloud services
  • How are SecOps services helpful for my company? Security operations or SecOps is a robust way to strengthen the IT security of the business. This further leads to bolstered security, eliminates sudden data losses, improves response times, and allows you to serve your customers with confidence.
  • How can I measure ROI for DevOps solutions for my company? To measure return on investment for DevOps, be watchful to three attributes – quality, metrics, and performance. The results correspond to increased deployment frequency, faster lead time, and greater profit along with a decreased rate of unplanned and unsuccessful work.
  • Do I still require server hardening if I use antivirus software? Antivirus can’t give you overall solid security. Antivirus software is just a small component of the server’s hardening process. The complete process requires many tools and techniques which together safeguard your system.
  • How do you ensure stronger server security? We follow several step-by-step procedures and norms that lead to hardened server security. This includes clean-ups, installation packages, configuration, implementation, and so on.
  • What is the purpose of disaster recovery? It is a sector of security framework of an organization that protects the valuable sources and information of the firm if in case any disruption happens in the network. The main purpose of having a disaster recovery program is to safeguard and the ability to retrieve the data if it is lost. It also helps the organization to have a quick plan on resuming their programs if any ill effects take place. It is an essential additional security measure.
  • How cost-effective is it to implement IoT solutions? A well-developed IoT service will help you to increase the profit and turn over of your business. This is made possible with the help of reducing the maintenance cost, providing excellent customer service, by giving the option of the add-on and reducing the system failures. Most of the services are affordable and worth for its performance.
  • What is the security incident response application? Usage of this application helps the users to reduce the time to identify and detect the presence of malware and to respond to those incidents. It simplifies the process of identification and rectification services. The security incident response application gives a better solution to all the negative issues.

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