Server hardening through automation-is it possible?


Finding and fixing security flaws is a part of server security. The following blog will help you decrease the likelihood of attackers damaging your vital systems and data by explaining the Server Hardening Process, why it’s essential, and the best technologies to automate it.

Server Hardening: What Is It?

An organisational and technical procedure for reducing the vulnerability of a server.

Firstly a hardening process requires an analysis of an organisation’s servers to identify strengths and weaknesses that could allow cybercriminals access. Why Would Someone Use Server Hardening Services?

Secondly hardening is necessary to protect servers against outside attacks, unauthorised tampering, and user ignorance.

Therefore, implementing cybersecurity rules and strengthening technology protection, other internal mechanisms must also be completed, such as the secure setup of Server Hardening Services and the delimiting of access control by their credentials.

Server Hardening Company is crucial for compliance with new data protection standards and ensuring server security. Server hardening must therefore be seen within the firm as a corporate policy. However, the goal is to lessen the weaknesses of all the devices that make up the network, not to strengthen the protection of a desktop or local network.

How Is Server Hardening Conducted?

The intricate process of Server Hardening Services necessitates several steps.

  • Remove any products that are not required by the business and could be a security concern.
  • Remove all the users’ access information, rights, and privileges that they no longer have access to as members of the organisation.
  • The equipment’s firmware should be updated to the latest version to include additional cybersecurity features.
  • All the unused ports should be closed.
  • To avoid, stop, or respond rapidly to such attacks, use the essential antivirus or antimalware solutions.
  • Create a secure password policy by employing secure passwords.
  • Physical access to the server should only be permitted for authorised users.
  • Reduce the server’s visible footprint outside.
  • Utilise least-access policies and permission control techniques like PAM and RBAC.
  • Monitor server logs frequently and uploads them to the log server.
  • Make several safe backups.
  • Reduce open ports and use a cutting-edge Server Hardening Process.
What Advantages Come with Server Hardening?

Building a test plan that genuinely reflects the intricacy of the production server. As well as simulating traffic, the number of network users and numerous dependencies are necessary to determine how your hardening rules will affect your development environment. Manually performing this tedious job has a significant error potential and could result in costly production slowdowns. Numerous security vulnerabilities are the result of careless consumers or businesses.

Do not forget that all data centres are vulnerable to attack. Even the most giant corporations in the industry have experienced attacks. Nonetheless these cyberattacks have the potential to be effective in some circumstances and have nasty effects on the company. All kinds of individuals and businesses are susceptible to internet security issues. The rage today is for crimes like fraudulent activity or other behaviours like infecting computers with viruses. In this case, hardening is crucial for shielding systems against these unauthorised disruptions.

Which Tools Are Available for Automating Server Hardening?

Hardening entails enhancing the server’s overall security. To make the network under consideration as effective as feasible, it is crucial to design various hardening mechanisms or Server Hardening Services for each component based on the role, edition, and location. Hence, we can say that we should consider categories of practical tools before starting a reinforcing program.

Therefore a tool for hardening servers is an automated “hardening” program that automatically performs the entire system testing and reports any changes’ effects. Additionally, they offer solutions for configuration items, which outline the supervision and operation of settings for an information process to facilitate security and control risks. Each of these solutions addresses a distinct stage of the whole process.


An open-source Python technology called GrapheneX dynamically protects servers using new hardening instructions. GrapheneX has the advantage of being able to be customised by its users, making it suitable for Linux and Windows developers.


Ansible is an engine that computes the steps necessary to create and maintain the configuration and execute and arrange the applications in terms of security configuration management.

CalCom Server Hardening Solution

The server hardening automation system from CalCom is intended to lower operating expenses, improve security, and assist servers in adhering to laws.

Last Remarks

Moreover, it is impossible to harden a server once and stop doing it. It is a continuous process. To guarantee that Server Hardening Services is effective, you should be able to develop a basic security setup and make sure that all alterations and new components of your online application and architecture are verified against it. Above all to achieve a resilient to assaults infrastructure and to meet regulatory standards, the IT infrastructure must be hardened. Similarly using various cyberattack methods, hackers continuously target websites and information systems.

Firstly, information systems and servers must be hardened to limit the quantity of dynamically emerging cyberattacks. Secondly, hardening is a unique security assignment because the security team requests it, although ITOps frequently carry it out.

This risk is reduced by the automated procedures of CloudStakes’ Server Hardening Suite. Once server hardening services are implemented on the servers, it begins a lesson plan. It gathers information from diverse computer sources and analyses it to comprehend how the policy prescriptions will affect network operation.

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